The Bots | Update #2

The Bots Update includes our two new robots made for Byron Dynamics.
They have custom 3D models and are animated.

Both bots are equiped with our new pathfinding code and a perfect field of view to spot their targes.

| The Turret

The Turret is similar to the well known Turrets from Portal 2.

It detects targets only in his field of view and through glass.
Mounted on a stand, the turret can’t move anywhere and is locked in place.
On the other side the turret can hear you, if you grab a cube, sprint, jump, walk to close, interact with something or activate a mechanic.

If the turret isn’t hearing you for 30 seconds it goes into sleepmode. Make a sound and it searches for you again.


| The Cleaner

The Cleaner works with our own pathfinding algorithm and always finds some surfaces to clean.

You have to be fast or fool the bot to complete our new color levels.

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