Who are we?

A Full Game in Minecraft

The goal of Byron Dynamics is to become one of the most advanced minecraft maps out there.

We are releasing this map completly free and
Vanilla Minecraft compatible.

This Map is created inside the Paintbox – by Halbzwilling

  • Story Mode
  • 2-4 Player Coop Mode
  • Discovery Mode


The story is about Lucy an ex-astronaut from Nasa. In her retierment years she dedicated her work into the development of the Byron Dynamics R&D – Research and Development Division.

On her way to work strange things start to happen. Keycards won’t get accepted and nobody is going to work this day.  Right before her office an alarm goes off. The ground shakes, parts are falling from the ceiling and cracks appear on the floor. Lucy saves her life by running into the Cryo Vaults and goes to cryogenic-sleep until the danger is over. How could she know this nightmare had just begun.


  • Real Voiceacting
  • Custom Map Music
  • All Portal 2 Mechanics and more
  • Custom Resourcepack
  • Robots, Enemys and new Mobs

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